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Here you will find our latest news about instruments, accessories, restoration projects, special events and anything else we think might be of interest to you.



9th August 2010

Starting in August 2010, we will be publishing a series of short articles that will highlight one of our contemporary instruments. First off the blocks is Yves Antoine Gachet's latest cello, which he brought over for us earlier this year.


Yves is a gifted and popular young maker based in France who spent a number of years working in Evans-Pughe Strings' workshop repairing instruments in the Benslow collection and also making his own violins, violas and cellos.

While rooted in the great French school of violin-making in which he was trained at Mirecourt, Yves' instruments have influences from all around Europe and they display great flair and style. Having been himself a young musician who couldn't afford a decent instrument, it is his passion to make the best instruments at a reasonable price.

His new full size cello (pictured left), labelled '2009', has a big and beautiful sound which means it is not for the shy musician. “I've developed the model with the professional player in mind. A good alternative to those terribly expensive older instruments, ” says Yves.

Of course, however beautifully-made an instrument might be, whether it suits you as a musician is often quite a subjective matter. We have two other contemporary cellos - one by Paul Stanton and another by Russell Davis - in the shop at the moment to compare it with, so please feel free to pop in or, if you would prefer, make an appointment (01462 426012) to spend a couple of hours putting these cellos through their paces. All three instruments are listed on our cello page.

Most of Yves' instruments are personal designs, but some of his instruments have been inspired by particular favourites in the Benslow collection, which he got to know well during the years in which he worked at Evans-Pughe Strings.

Violinists might like to note that we have two nice examples of Yves' 'Benslow-inspired' violins on our walls, which he also brought over this year. You can find these listed on our violin page. One is based around an instrument made by the 18th century Italian luthier Carlo Tononi and the other around a similar vintage violin by Carl Friedrich Lippold both from the Benslow collection.

If you don't know the area and would like to make a day of it, Hitchin is a pleasant market town surrounded by villages with pretty country pubs. The Fox at Willian is a short drive from Hitchin and highly recommended for lunch and a little nearer to us on the outskirts of the town is the Anglo-French Highlander Pub which has a growing fan base.


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